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Boy, have we got a deal for you!

While we don't have exactly the kilt you're looking for right this very second, we do have a longer kilt that we're ready and willing to chop down to your size, just for you. It's gonna cost you an extra $30.00 on top of the normal price for your kilt, and it's going to increase the ship time for your kilt to 1 week (that's 7 business days, yo) from the date of purchase, pushing the total time from order 'til the kilt's in your hot little hand to 14 business days.

To take us up on this killer custom-chopped-for-you deal…

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The Kilt Size of a Utilikilt is NOT the same as your pants size, because pants manufacturers LIE!

Run a tape measure through your belt loops (as shown in the image below) and pull it to the tension you'd typically wear your belt at to get your Kilt Size. Tape measures don't lie, and neither do Utilikilts.

If you need a size not listed here, please call (206) 282-4226 for availability.


We are SERIOUS about this. If you get the wrong size and try to return your kilt, we will charge you for shipping AND a restocking fee! Please measure yourself exactly like the picture below shows.

Thank you!

Get the Right Hem Length!

Utilikilts are designed to be UTILITY garments, not traditional relics.. The waistband should sit on your hips where your pants normally ride. The hem should rest between the bottom and center of the kneecap.

The illustration to the right will most often put the length of the hem at the bottom of the kneecap (Utilikilts lengths vary 1.5"). Use a yardstick for this measurement.

BEWARE! Bending over to read the yardstick will skew the measurement, read it in the mirror or ask for assistance in this measurement. Good Luck!

This Utilitux is a made-to-order kilt that combines the comfort of a kilt and the tradition of a tuxedo and definitely makes a statement at any formal occasion. You can only purchase this Utilitux over the phone. Get your messurements. Then give us a call. One of our lovely salespeople will take your order. (206) 282-4226

In addition, the Utilitux is made with either the plain ol' straight hemline or a major rock-star Egyptian-style tiered hem. On the tiered hem, the center back is longer than the sides, and each pleat steps up to the standard length at the sides. It looks superfine.

The lightweight wool is a beautiful matte black, and is offset on the sides with the standard shiny black vertical stripes.

Waist snaps allow you to choose how formal you want to be: no belt, belted, or with a cummerbund.

The Utilitux ensures Cinderella won’t miss seeing you at the ball!

Note: Tuxedo Kilts are made-to-order. So make sure you expect 6-8 weeks for production time plus 2-3 days for handling.